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When it comes to all-in-one cybersecurity and support solutions, we are the industry leaders.

Our products are available for home or business use. We also conveniently package our core services to offer affordable bundles for private individuals, families, children and gamers.

We put our barriers in place, so you can remove yours.


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Superior Digital Protection

With growing digital threats and intelligent cybercrime, you need so much more than a virtual burglar bar.

We monitor your online profiles and actions for leaks of your personal data, and protect your digital devices to prevent disruptions and financial losses due to malware, scams, impersonations and data leakage across the internet.

Safeguard your online assets with our advanced cloud-based AI technology – designed not only to monitor, detect and protect, but also to prevent.



Norton Device Protection

We are the official Africa distributor of Norton – the world-renowned anti-malware and cybersecurity software brand.

We make Norton products available at a monthly subscription (like no-where else), at an unbeatable price.

As part of our DigiProtect offering, we also package Norton software with additional services and features to create product bundles that offer optimal online monitoring and protection for private individuals, families, children and gamers.

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Common cyberthreats we protect you from:

DigiCare Cyber Warranty

We are confident in our ability to protect your device, identity, data and finances. We back this promise with our DiciCare cyber warranty. It covers you to the value of $2 000 (or local currency equivalent) per year, should you experience losses on your protected device due to a breach we could not successfully defend.

Our cyber warranty is included in our higher level
Home bundles for individuals, families and gamers.