DigiGuard Business

Business Product

Cyberspace Monitoring for Small Businesses

DigiGuard Business provides cloud-based cyberspace monitoring and brand protection –  scanning a broad range of deep and dark websites, forums and chatrooms, including TOR, I2P, ZeroNet and Paste sites.


Protection Against:

  • Security breaches, data exposure, and information leakage
  • Corporate espionage and product pilfering
  • Illegal selling and sharing of your brand’s (and customers’) information
  • Identifiable details (name, registration number, VAT number, contact details, address, etc.) being used for impersonation
  • Bank account and credit card details being used for financial fraud
  • Loss of funds due to scams, malware, or phishing attacks
  • Hacking or hijacking of social media accounts to impersonate your brand and scam your customers and connections
  • Reputational damage, due to offensive content posted to corporate pages or social profiles

Countries Sold: Africa
Regional Protection Cover: Africa
Product Use: Business Use
Systems Supported: Microsoft Windows & Apple macOS
Google Android & Apple iOS
Monitored Items: 50 x Items (Any Combination):

  • Company Name
  • Registration Number
  • VAT Number
  • E-Mail Addresses
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Physical & Postal Addresses
  • Bank Account Details
  • Debit & Credit Card Numbers
  • Social Media Account Logins
  • (And More)
Domain Monitoring & Protection: ADVANCED, PRO & PREMIUM Versions
1 x Domain
Business Pages Protection: ADVANCED, PRO & PREMIUM Versions
Up to 5 x Business Pages
Social Media Account Protection: ADVANCED, PRO & PREMIUM Versions
Executive Protection: PRO Version:  Up to 3 x Executives
PREMIUM Version:  Up to 5 x Executives
Takedown & Remediation: PREMIUM Version

DigiGuard Business is comprehensive online monitoring for your business – alerting you if your brand’s data is leaked on the internet.

With digital transformation comes digital risks. The deep and dark web harbours a massive source of data content and communication that often goes undetected and untraced.

Our brand protection service is ideal for brand managers, marketing teams, and security teams addressing external threats to your brand’s social media accounts, reputation, online brand, and follower engagement.


Our domain monitoring and protection service protects your website from being mimicked to dupe unsuspecting users into believing they are interacting with the official brand. It finds and eliminates domain squatters and typo phishing campaigns that target your employees and customers. It even identifies domains closely associated with your brand, executives and assets that you do not currently own – providing recommended actions.


Social & Business Profiles:
Because social media and digital business pages are vital tools for brand growth and engagement programmes, safeguarding your digital business profiles should be the cornerstone of a brand protection program. Social brand protection means grappling with the speed, volume and diversity of risks associated with social media. Marketers are expected to find and eliminate malicious content, brand impersonations, fake profiles, hacked accounts, and customer scams – all while succeeding in their day jobs of growing engagement and driving revenue. Trolls, spammers, competitors, cybercriminals, and even unwitting customers or employees can post dangerous, malicious, offensive, or sensitive content. We automatically protect your pages from offensive or malicious content, saving time on an otherwise resource-intensive, manual task. Our portal allows you to customise what you wish to allow to be posted to your pages, and includes out-of-the box rules around offensive language. Our software immediately blocks, hides or removes racial slurs, sensitive data like credit card numbers, competitor posts, scams, malicious links, pornography, and much more – all in real-time.


Executive Protection:
Executive protection is ideal for corporate security and executive protection teams who need to extend visibility and situational awareness on social media. It provides monitoring and protection of your high-level employees’ social accounts, to avoid them being exposed – as well as exposing your sensitive business information.


We offer a takedown service of impersonating social media accounts, spoofed domains, or threat actors targeting you that are in breach of the network’s terms of service. We pride ourselves in maintaining the most effective and broadest takedown capabilities of any security vendor.


Social Media Takedown:

  • Brand Impersonation (Trademark Infringement)
  • Counterfeit Goods (Trademark Infringement)
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Employee Impersonation

Domain Takedown:

  • Domain Name Trademark Violations (With Live Content)
    • DMCA / Copyright Infringement
    • Typically Includes Trademarked Domain Name, Logo, Images, Logos & Copyrighted Content
  • Includes Removal of Copyright Content (Not the domain itself)
  • Phishing Complaints



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