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  • Cloud-Based
  • Deep & Dark Web Monitoring for Leaked Digital Identity Assets
    Monitoring the deep and dark web for your personal details
  • Scanning of Operating Systems, Applications & Plugins
    Continuous Scanning for Security Breaches
  • Devices & Router Vulnerability Protection
    Protection on up to 3 x devices
  • Real-Time
    Data Breach Notification
    Immediate alerts of potential threats
  • Scam Prevention Alerts
    Immediate alerts of potential scams or phishing
  • Personal Cybersecurity
    Scoring & Reporting
  • Personalised Cybersecurity Improvement Plan
  • Crypto Wallet Monitoring
    Scanning the deep & dark web for leaked crypto wallet information
  • Gamer Handle Monitoring
    Scanning the deep & dark web for leaked gamer handle information
  • Social Media Accounts
    Take-Over Protection
    Monitoring for, and protection against, take-over of social media profiles
  • Social Media Impersonation Protection
    Scanning the deep & dark web for impersonation (identity fraud)
  • Social Media Doxxing Protection
    Scanning the deep & dark web for published / shared identity information
  • Takedown Services
    Removal of fraudulent (impersonating) profiles and content
  • Remediation Services
    Remediation of damage due to leaked information
  • Support Services
    Access to our expert support team for cybersecurity-related advice and assistance.
DigiGuard Home Essentials 3 Devices
DigiGuard Essentials
3 Devices
R69.00per month
  • 3 x Devices
    2 x E-Mails
    2 x Phone Numbers
    2 x Credit Cards
  • Enhanced
DigiGuard Home Essentials 10 Devices
DigiGuard Essentials
10 Devices
R129.00per month
  • 10 x Devices
    10 x E-Mails (5 + 5)
    5 x Phone Numbers
    5 x Credit Cards
  • Premium
DigiGuard Home Identity Basic
DigiGuard Identity
R59.00per month
  • 20 x Search Terms
    (ID, E-Mail, Numbers, Address, Credit Cards, Bank Accounts, etc.)
  • Premium
DigiGuard Home Identity Advanced
DigiGuard Identity
R89.00per month
  • 20 x Search Terms
    (ID, E-Mail, Numbers, Address, Credit Cards, Bank Accounts, etc.)
  • Premium
DigiGuard Home Identity Pro
DigiGuard Identity
R169.00per month
  • 20 x Search Terms
    (ID, E-Mail, Numbers, Address, Credit Cards, Bank Accounts, etc.)
  • Premium

We also package DigiGuard Essentials as part of more comprehensive cybersecurity product bundles for personal, home use:

Countries Sold: Global
Regional Protection Cover: Global
Product Use: Home Use
Systems Supported: Microsoft Windows & Apple macOS
Google Android & Apple iOS
DigiGuard Essentials Monitored Items:
  • E-Mail Addresses
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Debit & Credit Card Numbers

DigiGuard Essentials 3 DEVICES:
Up to 2

DigiGuard Essentials 10 DEVICES:
Up to 5

DigiGuard Identity Monitored Items: 20 x Items (Any Combination):

  • ID / Passport Numbers
  • E-Mail Addresses
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Physical & Postal Addresses
  • Bank Account Details
  • Debit & Credit Card Numbers
  • Crypto Wallet Login
  • Gamer Handles
  • Social Media Account Logins
  • (And More)
Social Media Account Takeover Protection: DigiGuard Identity ADVANCED
DigiGuard Identity PRO
Impersonation Protection: DigiGuard Identity PRO Only
Doxxing Protection: DigiGuard Identity PRO Only
Takedown & Remediation Services: DigiGuard Identity PRO Only
Cybersecurity Scoring & Reporting: DigiGuard Essentials Versions Only
Personalised Improvement Plan: DigiGuard Essentials Versions Only

DigiGuard Home is comprehensive online monitoring – alerting you if your personal details are leaked on the internet.

With digital transformation comes digital risks. As your public digital footprint grows with new social platforms, online banking, e-commerce stores, and other digital profiles, so too does your exposure to possible threats. The deep and dark web harbours a massive source of data content and communication that often goes undetected and untraced.

DigiGuard scans the internet for possible leaks of your personal information – protecting your online identity across platforms:

  • Your personal details (name, identity number, contact details, address, etc.) being used for impersonation
  • Your bank account and credit card details being used for financial fraud
  • Hacking or hijacking of your social media accounts to scam your friends and connections
  • Loss of funds due to scams, malware or phishing attacks
  • Risks to other unique digital assets, like your crypto wallet or gamer handles



DigiGuard Essentials product versions:
Offer basic identity monitoring, plus personal cybersecurity scoring and reporting, and a personalised improvement plan

DigiGuard Identity product versions:
Offer additional monitoring, but exclude the scoring and reporting, and personalised improvement plan

DigiGuard Identity Pro:
Additionally offers takedown and remediation services



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