DigiGuard offers cloud-based cyberspace monitoring and identity protection, for home use – available as standalone products for Individuals and Families.

It monitors and protects your contact information, like your e-mail addresses and phone numbers, as well as your financial information, like your credit cards.

is also available as part of our Digimune cybersecurity product bundles.

Have a look at our bundled options for Home protection, for a DigiGuard-included, complete cybersecurity solution deal.

Price is for a monthly subscription

Countries Sold: Africa
Regional Protection Cover: Africa
Product Use: Home Use
Systems Supported: Microsoft Windows & Apple macOS
Google Android & Apple iOS
Devices Protected Digimune Individual: Up to 3
Digimune Family:  Up to 10
E-Mail Accounts Monitored: Digimune Individual: Up to 2
Digimune Family:  Up to 5
Phone Numbers Monitored: Digimune Individual: Up to 2
Digimune Family:  Up to 5
Credit Cards Monitored: Digimune Individual: Up to 2
Digimune Family:  Up to 5


    Online Monitoring
  • Device Vulnerability Protection
  • Router Vulnerability Protection
  • Scanning of Operating System, Applications & Plugins
    Checks for malware and security breaches
  • Identity Monitoring & Protection
    Secures personal information
  • Security Breach & Leaked Data Monitoring
  • Immediate Alerts
    (System Threats & Scams)
  • Cybersecurity Scoring & Reporting
  • Personalised Improvement Plan

Need more than online monitoring and device security? Also require protection against financial losses?

Get comprehensive cyber insurance cover.



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