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  • Cloud-Based
  • Deep & Dark Web Monitoring for Breaches & Leaked Personal Information
    Monitoring the deep and dark web for your personal details: 10 x E-Mail Addresses, 5 x Phone Numbers, 5 x Credit Cards
  • Devices & Router Vulnerability Protection
    Protection on up to 10 x devices
  • Scanning for Security Breaches
    Continuous scanning across operating systems, applications & plugins
  • Real-Time System Threat Alerts
    Immediate alerts of potential security threats
  • Real-Time Scam Prevention Alerts
    Immediate alerts of potential scams or phishing
  • Cybersecurity Scoring & Reporting
  • Personalised Improvement Plan
  • Norton 360 Premium
  • Number of Devices Protected
  • Malware Protection:
    Viruses, Worms, Bots, Trojans, Adware, Spyware, Ransomware
    Innovative security technology powered by artificial intelligence
  • Device Cloud Backup (75 GB)
    Secure online backup to enable device recovery
  • Smart Firewall
    Monitoring of incoming and outgoing network traffic
  • Secure VPN
    Online privacy when using a public or shared Wi-Fi network
  • Password Management
    Secure online vault storage and creation of complex passwords
  • Webcam Protection (Safecam)
    Blocking unauthorised webcam access
  • Parental Control
    Content filtering, GPS location, and access to online activity of minors
  • School Time
    Managing minors' remote online learning environment
  • Game Optimising
    Feature not available with this product bundle
  • Restitution, Legal & Psychological
  • Restitution Services:
    Fraudulent Use of Identity
    Restoring your reputation and record in case of identity theft
  • Legal Services:
    Identity Theft
    Services and support to persue legal action for identity theft – up to the value of $5 000 per year (local currency equivalent)
  • Psychological Support:
    Cyberbullying, Slander, Harassment, Stalking, Revenge Porn
  • Legal Support:
    Cyberbullying, Slander, Harassment, Stalking, Revenge Porn
    Services and support to persue legal action for emotional damage – up to the value of $5 000 per year (local currency equivalent)
  • Device (Corruption)
    Extortion (Ransomware)
    Loss of Funds (Financial Breach)
    Compensation for losses due to a security breach – up to the value of $2 000 per year (local currency equivalent)
  • Cloud-Based Cybersecurity
  • General Cyber Risks Education
    Online safety tips, videos, webinars, worksheets & quizzes
  • Threat Awareness
    Scam & phishing awareness
  • Prevention Training
    Advanced phishing & ransomware training
  • Online Banking & Shopping Security
    Awareness & threat prevention
  • Social Media & Online Profiles Security
    Security best practices
  • Case Studies
    Real-life examples
Digimune Family Basic
Digimune Family
Basic Bundle
$8.00per month
  • Up to 10 x Devices
Digimune Family Advanced
Digimune Family
Advanced Bundle
$9.50per month
  • Up to 10 x Devices
Digimune Family Pro
Digimune Family
Pro Bundle
$12.00per month
  • Up to 10 x Devices
Countries Sold: Africa
Regional Protection Cover: Africa
Product Use: Home Use
Systems Supported: Microsoft Windows & Apple macOS
Google Android & Apple iOS
Devices Protected: Up to 10 Devices
E-Mail Accounts Monitored: Up to 5 (PRO Bundle Only)
Phone Numbers Monitored: Up to 5 (PRO Bundle Only)
Credit Cards Monitored: Up to 5 (PRO Bundle Only)
Cloud Storage Space: 75 GB
Norton Protection: Norton 360 Premium
Secure VPN: Yes
Parental Controls: Yes
Restitution Services: Yes
Legal Services: Yes
Psychological Support: Yes
Cybersecurity Training: PRO Bundle Only
Cyber Warranty: ADVANCED & PRO Bundles Only

Digimune Family is comprehensive personal cybersecurity for a family, on up to ten devices.

We have combined essential and complementing online security products to create BASIC, ADVANCED and PRO product bundles – providing you with a choice of online monitoring and protection features, plus supporting services.


  • All three bundles include DigiProtect (powered by Norton 360 Premium), which offers extensive device malware protection and backups.
  • All three bundles also include our DigiCare product, which offers restitution and legal services in the case of a security breach, as well as psychological and associated legal support, in the event of emotional trauma due to an online event (like cyberbullying, slander, harassment or stalking).
  • DigiGuard (deep and dark web identity monitoring and threat detection) and DigiLearn (cyberthreat awareness and avoidance training) are available in the PRO bundle only.
  • Our cyber warranty is available in both the ADVANCED and PRO bundles.

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