Industry-Leading Malware Protection

Norton provides real-time threat protection against malware (viruses, worms, bots, trojans, adware, spyware, ransomware, phishing attacks, and other malicious software and online threats).

We are an authorised reseller of the trusted Norton antivirus software as standalone products – now available on a monthly subscription at an unbeatable price.


Our DigiProtect service offering is powered by the world-renowned Norton antivirus software security brand. We bundle DigiProtect with additional services, to provide comprehensive cyberprotection for home use.

Countries Sold: Africa
Regional Protection Cover: Africa
Product Use: Home Use
Systems Supported: Microsoft Windows & Apple macOS
Google Android & Apple iOS
Devices Protected: Norton Antivirus Plus:  Up to 5
Norton 360 Deluxe:  Up to 3 or 5
Norton 360 Premium:  Up to 10
Norton for Gamers:  Up to 3
Cloud Storage Space: Norton Antivirus Plus:  2 GB
Norton 360 Deluxe:  50 GB
Norton 360 Premium:  75 GB
Norton for Gamers:  50 GB
Firewall: Yes
Secure VPN: Yes
Password Management: Yes
Parental Controls: 360 Deluxe, 360 Premium & Gamers
Webcam Protection: 360 Deluxe, 360 Premium & Gamers
School Time Management: 360 Deluxe, 360 Premium

Norton provides real-time threat protection against malware, spyware, ransomware, phishing attacks, and other online threats. It is designed to provide multiple layers of protection for your PC / Mac, tablet and smartphone, including firewall protection, secure VPN, parental control, and safecam. Its password manager, generates, stores, and syncs all your passwords to log into any site more securely.

Guarantee:  Norton is so confident in its antivirus protection, it offers a 100% money-back guarantee, if your device gets a virus the Norton experts can’t remove.


Boost your PC’s gaming performance to the maximum with Norton 360 for Gamers:

  • Automatically detects games and feeds them the maximum power
  • Helps eliminate FPS lags and slowdowns from your other apps for smooth visuals
  • Free your PC from power-hungry programs running in the background that eat up your system’s resources
  • Optimises gaming-related programs

Need more than online monitoring and device security? Also require protection against financial losses?

Get comprehensive cyber insurance cover.


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