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Learn more about Digimune, our products and services, and how we're striving to make your cyber experience safer and more secure.

About Digimune

Your Cyber Guardian

The digital world is so much more than mere bits and bytes, algorithms and apps.

It’s people doing business, learning, gaming, falling in love… and committing crimes.

At Digimune, we don’t believe that the threat of fraud, ruined reputations and bullying should be allowed to cast a shadow over your digital life. That’s why we design ahead-of-the-curve solutions that provide comprehensive protection for your digital devices.

By eliminating threats and providing cyber protection education, we offer meaningful support to victims – giving you back your freedom to connect to people, knowledge, products, services and businesses.

As the industry leader in digital risk protection, we say to you:  Live free.

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Home & Business

Covered from All Angles

With digital transformation comes digital risk. As your public digital footprint grows with new social platforms, online banking, e-commerce stores, and extensive digital profiles, so does your exposure to possible threats.

  • Identity theft for impersonation and fraud

  • Theft of personal information, like credit card and bank account numbers

  • Risks to unique digital assets, like crypto wallets or gamer handles

  • Hacking or hijacking of social media accounts

  • Loss of funds due to scams, malware or phishing attacks

  • Cyber extortion, ransom and physical threats to your family or business

  • Loss of business revenue due to customer scams, piracy and counterfeiting

  • Loss of devices (corruption) or data due to malware and hacking

For private individuals, protecting your identity and personal data from being shared on the deep and dark web, and your digital devices from being infected, are crucial in navigating the cyberspace safely and securely.

For businesses, safeguarding your brand, domains, business profiles and social media accounts means protecting your online reputation and ultimately your revenue. Trolls, spammers, competitors, cybercriminals, and even unwitting customers or employees can post dangerous, malicious, offensive, or sensitive content. We immediately block, hide or remove racial slurs and sensitive data, like credit cards numbers, competitor posts, scams, malicious links, and much more – all in real-time.

Protecting you is what we do. Cyberthreats are so pervasive, it’s not a question of if you’ll become a target, but when. 

The difference for our customers is that they live to earn, learn, stream or play another day – every day. Because we know that a set of digital burglar bars won’t cut it, we never stop working to stay one step ahead of the digital threat curve. Our advanced cloud-based AI technology processes, monitors and mediates online risks whenever you are using the internet.

Our Mission:

We strive to free the digital world from fear and all its harmful effects. We do this by developing solutions that curb cybercrime on every platform with proactive intelligence designed to disrupt phishing, impersonations, malicious content and data leaks across the public, deep and dark web.

Our Vision

To become the world’s leading cloud-based cybersecurity services provider, guarding all users against online threats – enabling them to truly live free by using the internet for what it was made for.

What do you expect from an industry leader in social media protection and cybersecurity? Broad spectrum safeguarding that plugs all the gaps? 

Sure, Digimune has you covered, but not everyone has the same needs – or gaps. That’s why we offer a wide range of packages that can be tailored with optional extras. It’s also possible to create a truly custom solution in consultation with us.

All packages are compatible with Windows, MacOS, Android as well as iOS and include cloud backup so that you can restore lost data in the event of an incident.

Together, we are stronger. We partner with trusted industry giants to bundle solid, tried-and-tested cybersecurity products.

Please contact us with any enquiries about our partners, to partner with us, or to resell our bundles. We'd love to hear from you.

Partnered with Norton to become a Norton software distributor for Africa. Plus, obtained a global OEM agreement, allowing us to embed Norton licenses into policies / warranties we sell globally.

Securing the DigiProtect Service Offering

Signed a distribution agreement with Renasa, who is taking the Digimune digital risk solution stack to their broker network.

Distributing Digimune Products via Brokers

Signed an agreement with Itoo to embed elements of the Digimune Digital Risk Solutions into their personal line cyber insurance policies.

Expanding to the Insurance Market

Bankkit UK, a new UK-based digital bank, is embedding two of our Digimune solutions with new accounts.

Distributing Digimune via Digital Banking


Signed a global distribution agreement with Wizer to embed their training content into our Digimune DigiLearn service offering, plus our risk mitigation tech stack products.

Including Advanced Cybersecurity Training in our Bundles

Launched a Loss Of Funds personal lines solution with Liability Matters and Strategic Insurance Solutions. SIS uses our tech stack risk mitigation solutions to defend and mitigate internet risks in their personal line cyber policies.

Offer Our Solutions to Insurance Companies

Concluded a warranty agreement with Blue Quanta, which allows us to onsell our Loss Of Funds warranty and Digimune risk mitigation solutions in Africa.

Offering our Warranty to Africa

Signed an agreement with Indwe Risk Services to embed our Digimune risk mitigation solutions into their new personal line cyber insurance offering.

Embed Our Offering into Insurance Policies

Signed distribution agreements with Fando Group (Australia), Compland (Kenya), Kristel (Kenya), TechData (Nigeria), Spearhead (Ghana), EMT (UAE), TicTAc (Greece), ShieldForce (Mexico) to onsell our products.

Going Global

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