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Digimune DigiLearn Cyber Awareness Training

Our DigiLearn service provides cybersecurity awareness training, to educate yourself and employees on online dangers and solutions.

The cloud-based education platform offers online safety tips, videos, webinars, case studies, worksheets and quizzes on an enormous variety of cybersecurity-related topics.

Training material includes general cyber risks education, threat awareness and prevention, scam and phishing awareness, advanced phishing training, ransomware training, online banking and shopping security awareness, social media and online profiles security and best practices, and much more.

Employees can conduct formal internet security training courses – ensuring that they are updated with the latest online threats, minimising risk to your company's digital assets and client database.

The Digimune DigiLearn service package is included in our top tier Home product bundles, and in all our Business product bundles.

Online Training Platform

The cloud-based educational material generally covers the most common cyberrisks and practical prevention methods. 

DigiLearn Feature: Scam Prevention Training

Scam Prevention Training

Learn how to easily spot a scam.

DigiLearn Feature: Phishing Awareness

Phishing Awareness

Know when it's just to get your info.

DigiLearn Feature: Ransomware Training

Ransomware Training

Avoid being held hostage.

DigiLearn Feature: Social Media Security

Social Media Security Skills

Protect your social media profiles.

Stay safe. Stay informed. 
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