Digimune DigiProtect Powered by Norton

Digimune DigiProtect Device Protection

Our DigiProtect service provides online and device protection under the trusted Norton antivirus brand.

Depending on the product, the Norton inclusion ranges from Norton 360 Deluxe to Norton 360 Premium and Norton 360 for Gamers.

The Digimune DigiProtect service is included in all our Home product bundles – with the individual features depending on the product tier.

Device Protection

Norton's features include device protection against malware (viruses, worms, spyware, adware, ransomware, etc.), smart firewall, password management, and cloud-based device backup – which come standard for all our products. Additional features include secure VPN, parental control, webcam protection (safecam), and game optimising. 

DigiProtect Feature: Malware Protection

Malware Protection

Protection against malicious software, like viruses, worms, spyware, adware and ransomware

DigiProtect Feature: Smart Firewall

Smart Firewall

Monitoring and filtering incoming and outgoing network traffic to prevent unauthorised device access

Cybersecurity Threat: Password Leaks

Login Management

Securing passwords in a private, online vault, with option to create unique, complex and safer passwords

DigiProtect Feature: Secure VPN

Secure VPN

Protecting online privacy by preventing internet service providers from tracking browser activity

Cybersecurity: Parental Control

Parental Control

Monitoring and restricting online activity to protect minors from harmful, adult and explicit content

DigiProtect Feature: Device Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup

Securely storing data and applications on a remote, online-accessible server for recovery purposes

Cybersecurity: Webcam Protection

Webcam Protection

Preventing unauthorised applications and malware from accessing the camera and microphone

Cybersecurity Threat: Hacked Gamer Handles

Game Optimising

Optimising the system for the fastest and smoothest gaming performance, at the least resource intensity


Norton Antivirus

Digimune's DigiProtect service offering is powered by the world-renowned Norton antivirus software security brand.

As trusted cybersecurity partners, we package Norton 360 antivirus software with additional services and features to create cybersecurity product bundles that offer optimal online protection at home, for private individuals, families, children and gamers.

As part of our service agreement with Norton, we can also offer Norton software as standalone products – at unbeatable prices.

Digimune DigiProtect Powered by Norton

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