Digimune DigiCare Restitution, Legal & Warranty

Our DigiCare service provides cyber-specific restitution and legal  services, in the event of action required due to a security breach.

DigiCare also offers psychological support and related legal services, in the event of online emotional abuse – including cyberbullying, harassments, slander, online stalking, and revenge porn.

Our DigiCare cyber care services are included in all our Home product bundles. These services are also available as standalone products for private individuals and businesses.

DigiCare also provides a cyber warranty, which covers home product users for device loss (corrupted device and consequential data loss), cyber extortion (ransom), and loss of funds (financial loss due to hacking). 

The DigiCare Cyber Warranty is included in our higher level Home product bundles for individuals, families and gamers. The cyber warranty is not available as a standalone product.

Restitution, Legal & Psychological

Cyber Care

Restitution Services

DigiCare provides extensive restitution services in the event of online fraud or financial losses due to identity theft. We prove your innocence and reverse reputational damage and possible negative credit records due to unauthorised use of your identity or personal data.

Psychological Support

In the case of online emotional abuse (including cyberbullying, online threatening and intimidation, slander, harassment, stalking and revenge porn) our panel of professional and cyber-trained psychiatrists provides professional emotional support and mediation. 

Digimune Support

Should your case advance to a level where formal legal advice and court procedures are required, our panel of legal specialists will act on your behalf – covered by Digimune for fees up to $5 000 (or local currency equivalent) per year.

DigiCare Cyber Warranty

We are confident in our ability to protect your device, identity, data and finances. We back this promise with a cyber warranty. It covers you to the value of $2 000 (or local currency equivalent) per year, should you experience losses on your protected device due to a breach we could not successfully defend.

The DigiCare Cyber Warranty is included in our higher level
Home bundles for individuals, families and gamers.

Device & Data Loss

In the event of malware corrupting your device, we fully repair or replace your hacked device.

Financial Extortion

Should you suffer financial extortion due to ransomware, we will restitute or pay the ransom on your behalf.

Loss of Funds

We reimburse you for financial loss, in the event of a security breach or leaked financial login details.