Digimune DigiGuard Cyberspace Monitoring

Our DigiGuard service provides continuous and real-time cloud-based cyber monitoring, alerts, and device and router vulnerability protection – to ensure safe and secure online activity.

Our DigiGuard service is included in our top-tier Home product bundles for individuals, families and gamers. 

DigiGuard is also available as standalone products for home and business monitoring.

Internet Monitoring

In addition to scanning the deep and dark web for your leaked or shared identity and personal information, the standard features of our cloud-based cyberspace monitoring  services include device and router protection, and vulnerability scanning of operating systems, applications and plugins. System threat, scam prevention and breach alerts are immediate, in real-time.

DigiGuard also offers cybersecurity scoring and reporting, and a personalised improvement plan and training, to equip you for a safer browsing experience.

The higher end versions include takedown and remediation services.

DigiGuard Feature: Identity Monitoring

Cyberspace Monitoring

Scanning the deep and dark web (plus social media, profiles and more) to monitor and protect personal and brand data across digital platforms

DigiGuard Feature: Breach Monitoring

Breach & Threat Alerts

Vulnerability scanning of devices, routers, operating systems, apps and plugins – alerting for security breaches or leaked data in real-time

DigiGuard Feature: Scoring & Reporting

Scoring & Reporting

Cybersecurity scoring and reporting of current online safety status, followed by a personalised improvement plan for optimal security