Digimune DigiInsight Sentiment Analysis

We use proprietary technology to analyse all online content across social media platforms and the deep and dark web, reporting on a brand, individual or specific cyber threat event.

Our comprehensive reports provide valuable information to assist with high-level business decisions, threat negotiations, or criminal investigations.

Our DigiInsight services are available as customised, standalone products for business use.

Online Analysis

Sentiment Reports

Our DigiInsight online analysis and sentiment reports provide unparalleled insight into how the public perceives the online reputation of a brand or an individual.

Our reports categorise insights into positive, negative and neutral content on a per-platform basis, as well as an overall online basis.

It allows businesses to make data-driven recommended improvements to their public brand image and reputation, and to make valuable staff screening and recruitment decisions.

Cyber Intelligence

Investigation Reports

Our deep-dive and dark web investigations offer comprehensive, strategic assessments and reports on cyber activities. These can assist with high-level business decisions, to deal with cyber threats (like ransom and extortion), and even with criminal investigations.

  • On-Demand Online Investigations
    Deep-Dive Reports & Strategic Assessments

  • Dark Ops Online Investigations
    Dark Web System Discoveries Reports & Engagements

  • Dark Ops Direct Engagements
    Direct Communication with Threat Agents