Online Employee Screening

We use our proprietary technology to analyse all online content (general and social media) relating to a current or prospective employee.

Our reports categorise these insights into positive, negative and neutral content on a per-platform-basis, as well as on an overall online basis. 

It provides unparalleled insight into how the public perceives the online reputation of the individual – enabling recruitment agencies and HR departments to make informed decisions.

Our Employee Screening service is part of our DigiInsight offering.


Data-Driven Business Decisions

DigiInsight business sentiment reports provide organisations with a comprehensive analysis of all social and digital media platforms:

  • The general online sentiment about the individual on all major social media platforms (including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram), as well as based on Google search results (including news articles, features, and other pages such as Reddit, Youtube and any other mentions)

  • A brief breakdown of the type of content, as well as the number of followers, activity and engagement on all major social media platforms

  • Any negative posts and comments, and an insight into the reason behind these

This employee screening solution is generally used by HR departments, recruitment teams or business owners. Benefits of such reports for a company’s HR department or recruitment agency include:

  • Quicker identification of high-quality candidates, resulting in reduced cost and “time to fill” per hire

  • Identification of high-risk employees, resulting in reduced number of disciplinary records and customer complaints, and minimised risk of legal liability from an employment equity perspective

  • Improved internal culture matches, diversity and inclusion initiatives, resulting in increased retention and productivity

  • Detection of social and digital trends in high-performance business units

DigiInsight Sentiment Analysis

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it. If you think about that you’ll do things differently.” – Warren Buffet 

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