Hacked Gamer Handles

Cybercriminals that hack gamer handles often do so to gain access to your lists of contacts for scamming and phishing purposes, or to hold you ransom for restoration of the accounts you've spent so many hours building on.

We provide vulnerability scanning, breach monitoring, and threat alerts under our DigiGuard service offering. We also provide malware protection, smart firewalls, and password management, under our DigiProtect service offering.

Both DigiGuard and DigiProtect are conveniently bundled specifically for gamers.

Digimune Identity scans the deep and dark web for any leaks of your gamer handles information – available as a standalone product.

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DigiCare Cyberthreat Warranty

We are confident in our ability to protect your device, identity, data and finances. We prove this confidence with our cyberthreat protection warranty.

It covers you to the value of $2 000 per year, should you experience losses on your protected device due to a breach we could not successfully defend.

The DigiCare consumer protection warranty is included in our higher level Home bundles for individuals, families and gamers.