DigiGuard keeps an eye on the digital world for your brand’s safety. It scans different parts of the internet, even the hidden and secretive ones, to make sure your brand isn’t being misused. This includes scanning a broad…

DigiLearn provides cloud-based cybersecurity awareness training and education, with certification, to educate employees on online risks and dangers, and the associated preventive measures.

DigiCare Contract Assist provides assistance for contractual disputes between you and a third party.

CryptoShield provides insurance to a maximum limit of $100,000 to individuals against the loss of funds from approved cryptocurrency exchange wallets due to hacks or illicit activities

DigiInsight Business Sentiment analyses and evaluates all online content relating to your business or brand. The result provides unparalleled insight into how the public perceives your brand and reputation online, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Employee Screening evaluates all online content relating to an individual. The result provides unparalleled insight into a current or prospective employee’s behaviour and publicly perceived reputation, which is valuable for recruitment and HR purposes.

DigiInsight Cyber Intelligence offers deep-dive and dark web investigations and comprehensive, strategic assessments and reports on cyber activities, which can assist with high-level business decisions, dealing with cyber threats, and even…

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