How to Protect Your Child From the Dangers of Online Gaming

According to research from the Entertainment Software Association, 70% of families have at least one child who plays video games. According to Statista, there is an estimated 3.24 billion gamers across the globe. It was estimated that 56% of active PC gamers were millennials aged between 23 and 38, and 51% of gamers were Gen X aged between 39 and 50 worldwide. In 2021, mobile was the top-grossing gaming segment, ahead of console and PC.

Online gaming can offer quality collaboration, but there is also a darker side to gaming online. Some of the concerns that affect children are:
• Cyberbullying
• Online predators
• Malware
• Webcam issues
• Privacy issues
• Personal information on consoles, computers and devices
• Hidden fees

As parents, we must begin a dialogue about safe online usage at an early age and build upon that as our children get older. When they know the risks and the significance of security, there is a high probability of your children coming to you with red flags, alarms or smaller things that worry them.

What is the best way to ensure your child’s safety from online gaming?

Go beyond just monitoring and conversations; frequently play video games with your children. If you are not a gamer, let your child be the instructor. Gaming with your children not only guarantees more accurate knowledge but it opens up communication. This strengthens your connection through shared experiences and helps your children confidently (and safely) engage in online activities of their choice.

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