Leading South African Insurer Gets Cybersecurity Cover from Digimune

One of South Africa’s leading insurance companies, Renasa, has partnered with cybersecurity specialist Digimune to provide its network of independent brokers and their clients with a comprehensive solution to monitor, mitigate and rectify cybersecurity risks.Servicing hundreds of independent insurance brokers, Renasa will soon be offering access to Digimune’s suite of cybersecurity software tools directly from its own digital platform. This includes the full range of Digimune’s digital risk solutions for individuals and families, along with its professional range of business digital risk solutions for SMEs.

“Cybercrime is one of the biggest threats facing individuals and companies today, so it makes sense that mitigating online risks and preventing, managing and recovering from information theft would be a great fit from an insurance perspective,” says Digimune director, Simon Campbell-Young.

Digimune’s advanced monitoring and protection solutions work behind the scenes to mitigate all types of personal and sensitive information risk, including identity theft protection, social media monitoring, and unauthorised use of personal identifiable information (PII) on any Internet platform, both mainstream and on the dark web.

For companies, Digimune’s Business Digital Risk Protection products offer a similar suite of scalable solutions, focused primarily at protecting business digital assets, company credit cards and accounts, company registration information and staff safety. Both individuals and companies will also have access to takedown services should personal information leak online, and legal and recovery services against more serious forms of digital theft, including cryptowallet protection and AI-based protection against identity theft.

“Our products cover the entire digital landscape, so we can see, for example, if someone has stolen personal photos using AI identity matching, or injected malware or other nefarious information through the front-end of company portals, something most companies aren’t even aware is possible,” he says. “We can then go further and monitor social media platforms for personal or competitive slander, scams, or any other type of content leak that could result in serious reputational damage.”

Manager of Renasa Specialist Classes Austin Mpandawana says cybersecurity risks are on the rise, and the damage caused can impact directly on insurance companies and their brokers.

“Sometimes the best form of defence is attack, and so we’ve chosen to proactively offer our brokers and their clients the means to defend themselves against risks they may be exposed to, and which could potentially compromise their wellbeing or livelihoods,” says Austin.

“In Digimune we have a partner that not only has vast experience of the cybersecurity landscape, but also the most effective tools on the market that our brokers can quickly, easily and cost-effectively use to protect themselves and their clients.”

About Digimune

Digimune provides comprehensive cyber intelligence and monitoring services for businesses, families and individuals – protecting you and your business against the dangers of the digital world. Our 5-in-1 cyber security suite covers you from all angles: DigiLearn educates users on cyber threats, DigiProtect monitors and protects all your digital assets, DigiGuard provides AI-driven deep and dark web monitoring, and DigiCare gives you legal support in case of a breach. DigiSure insurance also protects and insures users against a loss of funds due to a cyber event. For more information, visit www.digimune.com

Issued by: Michelle Oelschig, Scarlet Letter

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