All of our Identity Theft Monitoring software has the following:

Deep & Dark Web Monitoring for Leaked Digital Identity Assets | Scanning of Operating Systems, Applications & Plugins Devices & Router Vulnerability Protection | Real-TimeData Breach Notification | Scam Prevention Alerts

More about DigiGuard Home

In the ever-changing digital landscape, your personal information can sometimes end up in the wrong hands. DigiGuard Home acts as your vigilant online guardian, notifying you if your sensitive information appears on the internet. As our lives become more intertwined with the digital world – from social media to online shopping and banking – the potential for threats also increases.

The depths of the internet, including its hidden corners, can harbour data breaches and unnoticed risks. DigiGuard is your watchful companion, scanning for potential leaks of your personal data. It shields your online identity across various platforms:

Preventing the misuse of your personal details for impersonation.

Safeguarding your bank accounts and credit card information from financial fraud.

Defending against the hacking or takeover of your social media accounts, protecting your connections.

Shielding your funds from scams, malware, or phishing attacks.

Safeguarding other valuable digital assets, such as your cryptocurrency wallet or gaming handles.

With DigiGuard, we offer multiple product versions to meet your needs:

DigiGuard Essentials: Basic identity monitoring, personal cybersecurity scoring and reporting, and a personalized improvement plan.

DigiGuard Identity: Additional monitoring features without scoring, reporting, or the improvement plan.

DigiGuard Identity Pro: Enhanced services, including takedown and remediation assistance.

Countries Sold: Global
Regional Protection Cover: Global
Product Use: Home Use
Systems Supported: Microsoft Windows & Apple macOS
Google Android & Apple iOS
DigiGuard Essentials Monitored Items:
  • E-Mail Addresses
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Debit & Credit Card Numbers
  • DigiGuard Essentials 3 |
    Up to 2 devices
  • DigiGuard Essentials 10 |
    Up to 5 devices
DigiGuard Identity Monitored Items: 10 x Items (Any Combination):

  • ID / Passport Numbers
  • E-Mail Addresses
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Physical & Postal Addresses
  • Bank Account Details
  • Debit & Credit Card Numbers
  • Crypto Wallet Login
  • Gamer Handles
  • Social Media Account Logins
  • (And More)
Social Media Account Takeover Protection: DigiGuard Identity ADVANCED
DigiGuard Identity PRO
Impersonation Protection: DigiGuard Identity PRO Only
Doxxing Protection: DigiGuard Identity PRO Only
Takedown & Remediation Services: DigiGuard Identity PRO Only
Cybersecurity Scoring & Reporting: DigiGuard Essentials Versions Only
Personalised Improvement Plan: DigiGuard Essentials Versions Only

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