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Cyberspace Monitoring for Small Businesses

DigiGuard Business provides cloud-based cyberspace monitoring and brand protection –  scanning a broad range of deep and dark websites, forums and chatrooms, including TOR, I2P, ZeroNet and Paste sites. Protection Against:
  • Security breaches, data exposure, and information leakage
  • Corporate espionage and product pilfering
  • Illegal selling and sharing of your brand’s (and customers’) information
  • Identifiable details (name, registration number, VAT number, contact details, address, etc.) being used for impersonation
  • Bank account and credit card details being used for financial fraud
  • Loss of funds due to scams, malware, or phishing attacks
  • Hacking or hijacking of social media accounts to impersonate your brand and scam your customers and connections
  • Reputational damage, due to offensive content posted to corporate pages or social profiles

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