Digimune Partnerships

We're proud to partner with the following cyber security companies.

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Cybersecurity Partners

Digimune Partnerships

Together, we are stronger. We partner with trusted industry giants to bundle solid, tried-&-tested cybersecurity products.

Please contact us with enquiries about our partners, to partner with us, or to resell our bundles. We'd love to hear from you.

Partnered with Norton to become a Norton software distributor for Africa. Plus, obtained a global OEM agreement, allowing us to embed Norton licenses into policies / warranties we sell globally.

Securing the DigiProtect Service Offering

Signed a distribution agreement with Renasa, who is taking the Digimune digital risk solution stack to their broker network.

Distributing Digimune Products via Brokers

Signed an agreement with Itoo to embed elements of the Digimune digital risk solutions into their personal line cyber insurance policies.

Distributing Digimune Features via Insurance Policies

Bankkit UK, a new UK-based digital bank, is embedding two of our Digimune solutions with new accounts. They are targeting immigrants from AsiaPaC and we will offer the same services to them, when they open in UAE and India.

Distributing Digimune via Digital Banking


Pending agreements with MSIG Singapore & Hong Kong, who will embed our Digimune risk mitigation tech stack into their new personal cyber insurance solutions.

Distributing Digimune to the East

Signed a global distribution agreement with Wizer to embed their training content into our Digimune DigiLearn service offering, plus our risk mitigation tech stack products.

Including Advance Cybersecurity Training in our Bundles

Launched a Loss Of Funds personal lines solution with Liability Matters and Strategic Insurance Solutions. SIS uses our tech stack risk mitigation solutions to defend and mitigate internet risks in their personal line cyber policies.

Offer Our Solutions to Insurance Companies

Concluded a global warranty agreement with Katalyst UK, a Lloyds cover holder, which allows us to onsell our Loss Of Funds warranty and Digimune risk mitigation solutions across the globe.

Offering our Warranty Internationally

Concluded a warranty agreement with Blue Quanta, which allows us to onsell our Loss Of Funds warranty and Digimune risk mitigation solutions in Africa.

Offering our Warranty to Africa

Signed an agreement with Indwe Risk Services to embed our Digimune risk mitigation solutions into their new personal line cyber insurance offering.

Embed Our Offering into Insurance Policies

Signed distribution agreements with Fando Group (Australia), Compland (Kenya), Kristel (Kenya), TechData (Nigeria), Spearhead (Ghana), EMT (UAE), TicTAc (Greece), ShieldForce (Mexico) to onsell our products.

Going Global

Signed agreements with One Loyalty, Santam and SHA to distribute and embed our Digimune risk mitigation solutions.

Expanding Our Distribution Network