Q&A With Samantha Smith: Protecting Kids and Businesses From Online Harm

The internet is a great resource, but running an online business or having your kids use it without protection can be hazardous.

Ordinary users are often completely oblivious to the risks, having little or no control over the data or content that is collected and shared. New businesses and children are especially vulnerable.

Recently, we chatted to business owner and mom of three Samantha Smith about her cybersecurity journey with Digimune.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

Samantha Smith: I’m a mom of three teenagers, two girls and one boy. I also have two businesses that I’ve started. One is a lovely boutique yoga studio just down the road. The other is a global health and wellness platform named Fit50.com which offers support for your journey going through midlife.

I believe my purpose is to serve, heal and empower others. The challenge is helping others lead more fulfilling lives, while I maintain the same quality of life at home.

What piqued your interest in cybersecurity?

Samantha Smith: Recently, I read a stat that says one in three parents knows a child in their community affected by cyberbullying. For me, that’s a genuine concern – I think for any parent. So I looked into cybersecurity for the first time when my kids were constantly online during COVID.

At around the same time, I became aware that you’re required, by law, to have a comprehensive cybersecurity solution in place to protect your clients’ data.

I was anxious about all the content my kids were exposed to. My other concern was for my two businesses – our brand, online content, website, and social media platforms. Ultimately, it was both things: work and kids – I needed some help.

How did you find Digimune’s onboarding process?

Samantha Smith: I found the Digimune setup really easy. It’s an online, cloud-based platform and the installation process was super fast and seamless. Plus, they have a great training interface and support team to offer guidance.

Fundamental cybersecurity skills are taught via DigiLearn. It was a great way to educate my kids (and myself) about cyberbullying, cyber stalking, and all the other cyberthreats. The training platform was simple and user-friendly, so they really took it to heart. It really made all the difference.

Did Digimune make an immediate difference in your life?

Samantha Smith: Definitely. Digimune gave me the confidence and reassurance that my kids are okay online, and that my businesses and client data is safely out of harm’s way. Now I can actually relax and know that everything is covered.

Thanks to Digimune, I have more time to focus on my businesses, because I don’t have to check up on what my kids are doing online that often.

Do you make use of the Parental Control function?

Samantha Smith: Yes. One of the reasons why I set up the Parental Control is because I wanted to give my kids some freedom and privacy online.

It’s not great hovering over them the whole time – they feel like you don’t trust them. The system notifies me and puts the limits in place, which means I don’t have to constantly be alert.

Once I explained that this new solution was for their protection and that they’d be able to be on their devices without me checking as much, then they actually were okay with it.

Is there a specific function you can highlight as particularly beneficial?

Samantha Smith: Digimune Screentime Limits has helped all my kids find more balance between their online and normal activities. The way the world’s moving, everything is just becoming more and more digital. Our children have some education, but it’s not enough. There’s still a big gap for parents and caretakers to fill.

Based on your experience, would you recommend Digimune to others?

Samantha Smith: I would recommend Digimune to anyone, because it takes care of everything on one platform. It keeps you, your children, and your businesses safe. Plus, it’s simple and secure, with an excellent support team to guide and empower you along the way. It gives you total peace of mind.

What advice would you offer other parents?

Samantha Smith: Consider your child’s age and digital behaviour when deciding whether to monitor devices. Then, when you’re ready, talk to them about it and explain why it’s important.

No amount of hands-on monitoring can protect kids from everything. In fact, constant spying can lead to a host of unwanted consequences, like building mutual distrust between you and your kids. It can backfire and encourage them to try even harder to hide risky behaviour because they know you’re looking for it.

What advice would you offer other business owners?

Samantha Smith: Gone are the days when you could do business online without considering the aftermath of a breach. Today, virtually all companies have assets online that need protection: your digital brand, social media platforms, client database, payment portals, and personal information, to name but a few. You simply cannot afford not to have a reliable cybersecurity solution in place.

Let Digimune safeguard the things most important to you

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