Top Three Security Tips for Online Gamers

Whether you are a recreational gamer or a competitive gamer, chances are you have invested a lot of real money into your characters. Here are a few important tips on how you can be vigilant and protect your online accounts

#1: Never reveal any personal details about yourself

It is normal for gamers to use variants of their names and birth dates in their gamer tags or usernames. When you are creating your gamer tags or usernames, you should consider using a nickname or a combination of random numbers instead of using your real name or your birth date. Also, do not reveal any personal details about yourself (phone number, birthday, places you visit regularly) on chats or streams. Cybercriminals can gather these personal details to imitate you.

#2: Don’t accept friend request from people you don’t know

On some online PC games, you can join international gamers on various campaigns. While the connection is great, you need to be aware of who is following your online profile or you allow to follow you. If someone you don’t know sends you a friend request out of the blue, you need to be on alert. They could have ulterior motives, such as phishing for valuable personal data. It is best to customise your privacy settings to make your profile invisible to strangers.

#3: Be cautious of free downloads and pirated software

Developers spend a lot of time designing incredible games, so ensure that that you purchase games legally and play them as they are meant to be played. Be cautious of free downloads or pirated versions and cheat software, as they are most likely too good to be true. So, challenge yourself and have fun with the game as it is written.

Final words:

In addition to being cautious around questionable software or online individuals, there are more ways to keep your online assets safe. Take a VPN, for example. A virtual private network (VPN) scrambles your online data traffic, making it difficult for hackers to obtain your IP address and spy on your online browsing.

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